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Robert Blumetti has written a number of books and pamphlets which may be of interest to visitors to this site.
The following are sold by and for the benefit of Balder Rising. All books are in PDF format and purchased through PayPal.

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Asgard, Alignment With the Gods, Book Nine of the Yggdrsail Training Program of Balder Rising

Asgard is the ninth and final book in the Yggdrasil Training Program. Congratulations! You have ascended to the top of the Cosmic Tree. This is no small feat. At this stage of your training you can think of yourself as exceptional for having stayed the course. Just the fact that you have not given up or skipped over previous book and lessons and stayed with your studies this far is proof that you are Erulian material. The true mark of an Erulian is self-discipline. In this book you will have to complete your transformation. You will have to undergo an inner Ragnarok and bring Balder forth and create within you the Golden Age of Gimli. You might find the lesson on the Nine Stages of Balder Rising harrowing to complete because it will require honest re-evaluation of your life. Rebirth can be even more painful than birth. We await you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.